Michiko Yamaguchi
LicAc ¹, MBAcC ²

Acupuncture is a very ancient Chinese healing system. It has been known that there is energy in us. According to the Chinese textbook ³, there is a network of twelve main and some other channels (called 'meridians') in our body, through which energy circulates smoothly and constantly, enabling us to function physically, mentally and emotionally. Therefore, we can move, we can feel, we can think. Our body is able to reproduce the skin, flesh, bones and so on.       When the energy does not circulate smoothly, disease results. For example, smoking sixty cigarettes may block and disrupt the flow of energy. There may be excess energy in some meridians and deficient energy in other meridians. Acupuncture helps to regulate energy and bring about health and well-being by inserting needles on particular parts of body (called 'points').